Patreon Patrons get priority on commissions, so if you have a Patreon membership then please contact me about commissions via their messaging system.

I currently have X writing commission slots available.
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Writing commissions are paid for either upfront, or as a payment plan for proofreading. For details, see here. For details on licensing see here.


Poems are charged at


Articles are charged at


Proofreading is charged at the standard rate of £26 per hour.

Payment per line, hour, or thousand words begins at the completion of part of that unit - i.e. 1001 words will be charged at the rate of 2000 words, or 1.5 hours would be charged at the rate of 2 hours.


I only have "Poems" as a writing sample.

Ordering Your Commission

If you'd like to contact me about ordering a commission, then you can reach me via this form, a Twitter DM, or by email with the subject "commission".

To see details about payment or time scales, go here.

To track your commission see here.