Patreon Patrons get priority on commissions, so if you have a Patreon membership then please contact me about commissions via their messaging system.

I currently have X music commission slots available.
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Music commissions are paid for either upfront, or as a payment plan if you cannot pay upfront. For details, see here. For details on licensing see here.

Length of piece in minutes is across the top of the table, and number of instruments is down the side of the table.

0-2 3-5 6 or more
6 Instruments or less £25 £55 £85
More than 6 Instruments £60 £90 £120

Backing Track pieces are available for £30

Motif pieces are available for £55


Free albums are available to sample on Bandcamp.

Ordering Your Commission

If you'd like to contact me about ordering a commission, then you can reach me via this form, a Twitter DM, or by email with the subject "commission".

To see details about payment or time scales, go here.

To track your commission see here.