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I currently have X software commission slots available.
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Below is the pricing for software development options. Software commissions are paid for using the payment plans detailed below. For details, see here. For details on licensing see here.

Feasibility Study

I have experience in performing feasibility studies with my own projects and I am now offering this service for your projects.

The study will involve a comprehensive assessment of breif and requirements to test wether development of a project is viable.


The production of a multi-page website for you or your bussiness.

First 5 Pages Per Page Thereafter (That includes that feature)
HTML & CSS £110 £12
Add JS £60 £10
Add PHP £80 £16
Add SQL £120 £18

Software Development

Development of a complete desktop application, programmed in C, C#, Java or Delphi.


Samples will soon be available on

Ordering Your Commission

If you'd like to contact me about ordering a commission, then you can reach me via this form, a Twitter DM, or by email with the subject "commission".

To see details about payment or time scales, go here.

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